Dr Dąbrowska Diet ®

We invite you for health and slimming stays with vegetable and fruit treatment according to Dr. Ewa Dąbrowska.

We have over 15 years of experience in running health and slimming holidays with a vegetable and fruit diet according to Dr. Ewa Dąbrowska.

Certificate of the Institute for Health Promotion of Dr Ewa Dąbrowska No. 011/2018.


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You can’t use the detox diet

You can’t use a fruit –vegetable’s detox diet in disease like: execessive dunctional activity of thyroid, neoplasmic devastation, active tuberculosis, extreme insufficiency of: kidney, liver, circulation and also if You have a deep depression, acute porphyria, hypofunction of superarenal gland etc.
You also shouldn’t use the detox diet if You are a Women in pregnancy, in period of vrest feeding, kids, in period of maturation and If You are after organ’s transplantation (eg. Kidney, heart, liver etc.)


Fruits-vegetable’s detox diet is based on salad diet made by Swiss doctor Max Otto Bircher-Baner (1867-1939). He was a diet pioneer based on science. Author of modification is a medical exper Eva Dąbrowska. This is a type of healing fasts. Few weeks period on a diet is a safe and natural method of neutralize body from deposits. Detoxed body starts healing itself by returning homeostaza of change and balance between mind, body and soul. Connection diet with active holiday gym, massage, sauna, aerobic) let You to recover health and vitality in many disease. Main reason of our medical health holiday is detoxing body and change a feeding lifestyle. Prelection about fruit-vegetable’s detox diet and balanced (full calories) diet are important elements of our health holiday.

We offer You two types of diet, which are depends because of health:

1. Detox diet based on fruits and vegetables
2. Full calories diet as example “How to eat in healthy way”.